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Police Station

What happens at the police station is often more important than what occurs in the courtroom in terms of determining the outcome of a case. Most cases are won or lost at the police station. Confessions, sometimes false, are obtained from suspects, evidence is gathered, deals are done, and decisions are made which will inevitably influence the course of subsequent events. Accordingly it is vital to instruct an experienced lawyer from the outset.

Anyone detained at a police station is entitled to be represented by a solicitor of their choice. If you, a friend or a relative is being detained at a police station then please do not hesitate to contact us urgently so that we can assist. Sometimes the police will tell you to use the duty solicitor which may mean that you may not get the best representation. Remember that you should insist on using the solicitor of your choice.

Legal advice at the police station is free of charge to any person who has been arrested or is being interviewed by the police as a volunteer. You are not obliged to say anything to the police and we advise all clients to maintain their right to silence until they speak with us.

Magistrates Court

Our specialist Magistrates Court Team has vast experience in the full range of cases heard in magistrates’ courts. We will guide you through the process, advising you on your options and providing you with the best representation at court. We will advise you on whether or not you have a defence to the charges you face, and obtain details of the prosecution case in advance of your first appearance at court.


The firm has successfully defended clients across the full array of criminal law matters, including offences such as:


• road traffic offences                              

• domestic violence                        

• theft/handling stolen goods                

• fraud

• public order offices                                

• harassment

• assaults                                                  

• drugs offences

• anti social behaviour orders (ASBOs)   • dangerous dogs

• breach of court orders                          

• possession of weapons

• criminal damage                                    

• drunk and disorderly

• taxi touting

• taking a vehicle without consent (TWOC)

Crown Court

The City Solicitors have extensive experience in representing clients facing trials for serious offences at Crown Court – and can advise at any stage of a charge, from a preliminary hearing at a Magistrates’ Court to Crown Court appearance and Appeal Court hearing.


The City Solicitors represents clients nationwide and can advise on a wide range of indictable offences, including:

  • Computer crime/online crime

  • Drugs offences (supply, manufacture of Class A or Class B drugs)

  • Financial crime (white collar crime, Ponzi/Pyramid schemes)

  • Fraud (serious fraud, boiler room scams, conspiracy to defraud)

  • Gang crime (trafficking, drugs offences, violent crime)

  • Organised crime (carousel fraud, MTIC fraud)

  • Perverting the course of justice

  • Public order offences (affray, violent disorder)

  • Robbery and theft (robbery with violence, major robberies/heists)

  • Sexual offences (rape, serious sexual assault, child sex exploitation)

  • Terrorism offences (conspiracy to commit terrorism, member of a banned organisation, acts of terrorism)

  • Murder and manslaughter

  • Other violent crimes (threatening to commit murder or manslaughter, domestic violence on children, ABH/GBH).


Criminal Defence Solicitors in London


Have you been accused of an offence? Were you arrested and held in a police station for questioning? Have you been requested to attend a voluntary interview with the police? Are you facing criminal charges? Or do you simply have a concern about a possible offence? We are here to assist you.

Our criminal defence lawyers are astute, supportive and highly sophisticated, particularly known for their skills in providing strategic, sensible and practical criminal law advice, in case preparation and Court.

London City Crime Solicitors
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