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Maschio professionale

Voluntary Police Interviews: free legal representation.

Our specialists offer 24/7 attendances for voluntary police interviews nationwide

What Is A Voluntary Police Interview?

A voluntary police interview or interview under caution is a formal conversation with police that more often than not takes place at a police station. You do not have to attend and you can leave at any time once the interview has begun. However failure to attend or leaving during the course of the interview could result in you being arrested.

While a voluntary interview might be conducted in a less formal way than an interview under arrest, the interview will still be recorded and anything you say can potentially be used against you in any criminal proceedings. You still have the right to a solicitor during an interview under caution and, once you have requested a solicitor, the police officers must not ask you any questions in relation to the allegation until your solicitor has arrived.

If you have been contacted by the police to attend a voluntary interview please contact us. 

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