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Our criminal defence solicitors are highly experienced in defending individuals who are facing extradition.

Extradition requests can be made by overseas states for those accused or convicted of relatively minor offences as well as serious allegations. Extradition requests for those wanted overseas can also be made by the UK.

We are able to help with the following aspects of extradition:

Advising prior to potential extradition proceedings being instigated with regards to Interpol Red Notice challenges or diffusions, and representations to the Secretary of State

Coordinating with our Immigration, Asylum and Nationality team where appropriate, especially if an anticipated extradition request is politically motivated

Advising before arrest regarding voluntary surrender, representations to the police, and preparing the strongest bail package

Challenging the extradition request in court, instructing expert specialist counsel to assist

Coordinating with overseas lawyers to facilitate a compromise of the extradition request, where appropriate

Representing appellants in appeals up to the Supreme Court and representations to the Secretary of State and ECHR.

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