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Crown Court

The City Solicitors have extensive experience in representing clients facing trials for serious offences at Crown Court – and can advise at any stage of a charge, from a preliminary hearing at a Magistrates’ Court to Crown Court appearance and Appeal Court hearing.


The City Solicitors represents clients nationwide and can advise on a wide range of indictable offences, including:

  • Computer crime/online crime

  • Drugs offences (supply, manufacture of Class A or Class B drugs)

  • Financial crime (white collar crime, Ponzi/Pyramid schemes)

  • Fraud (serious fraud, boiler room scams, conspiracy to defraud)

  • Gang crime (trafficking, drugs offences, violent crime)

  • Organised crime (carousel fraud, MTIC fraud)

  • Perverting the course of justice

  • Public order offences (affray, violent disorder)

  • Robbery and theft (robbery with violence, major robberies/heists)

  • Sexual offences (rape, serious sexual assault, child sex exploitation)

  • Terrorism offences (conspiracy to commit terrorism, member of a banned organisation, acts of terrorism)

  • Murder and manslaughter

  • Other violent crimes (threatening to commit murder or manslaughter, domestic violence on children, ABH/GBH).


Crown court representation involves preparing a compelling defence using complex evidence – and The City Solicitors lawyers offer robust criminal defence services and provide clients with first-class representation at Crown Courts, including advising on bail, remand and prisoners’ rights in custody.


The City Solicitors believes in offering clients facing charges for serious crimes a comprehensive service, including thorough preparation of a case by criminal defence lawyers with a solid background in Crown Court representation – including briefing clients on the Plea and Case Management Hearing (PCMH) and plea bargaining.

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