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Acquittal secured in assault trial in Croydon

Updated: May 16

The City Solicitors secures acquittal in assault trial involving three police officers.

At Croydon Magistrates’ Court, Marie-Armance Renaud from Church Court Chambers, instructed by Davide Cupertino of The City Solicitors, represented a client accused of Common Assault and Assault by beating.

The prosecution described the defendant as a violent man resisting arrest and seeking to charge him for assaulting three police officers.

Due to the recent nature of the incident and the inconsistencies in the versions of the officers, their statements could not be accepted as true. Furthermore, the video evidence corroborated the defendant's version, which led the bench to believe that assault could not have taken place due to the constraints on his knees and ankles. Ultimately no evidence for the counts of assault was accepted.

After deliberating, the bench found our client Not Guilty on all assault charges.

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